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Gemstone Meanings, Symbolism and Healing Qualities

August 23, 2017 0 Comments

Everything of importance holds meaning, new insight can be learned no matter our age and with an open mind we are able to have a deeper understanding. Many hold the belief that by wearing certain stones one is able to enhance the qualities they are striving to instill within themselves. With this said, the following stones are associated with a particular month and list attributes that are commonly used to generate a sense of personal reflection. You may wish to add a special gemstone or Swarovski crystal to your custom jenny present® necklace. The stones listed below are available as sterling silver wire wrapped gemstones, 14kt gold-filled wire wrapped gemstones, gold-plated rimmed gemstones or sterling silver rimmed gemstones. Our Swarovski crystals feature a silver plated rim. View all stones and crystals, here, or click on the name.

Garnet, the birthstone of January, is often said to be stone of choice while on a journey. For this stone protects and guards the traveler from danger. Garnet also promotes healing and fertility. Loyalty, strength and sincerity are traits that can be fostered by wearing this red earthy stone.

Rose Quartz is an alternative birthstone for January. Wear this gem close to your heart to instill love and watch as it resonates through those around. If you are in need of healing, happiness and comfort this dusty pink stone is for you.

Amethyst, a stone seen in the past associated with royalty, is the birthstone of February.  With its purple hue, Amethyst is believed to bring clarity, provide a mental cleansing and strengthen the memory.  When donning this gem improve balance, foster spiritual healing and bring forth courage.

Aquamarine, March’s birthstone, is pale blue. If you are traveling by sea, this is the stone for your protection. It also gives the wearer freedom from fears and instills courage and confidence. With a goal in mind this stone’s centering ability can focus you to stay on track and bring success.

Crystal Quartz, most commonly known as the birthstone of April, is very clear. This clarity shows through in the mind with concentration and wisdom. Aiding in clear speech and thoughtful communication, as well. If you are feeling drained and sluggish this stone is believed to increase emotional energy.

Emerald brings about a sense of tranquility. This vibrant green stone is associated with May. Allow the stone to evoke inspiration, harmony and truth. The color green symbolizes growth and life making Emerald a perfect stone for fertility.

Freshwater Pearl, the birthstone of June. The pearl represents purity and honesty. To those who wear the pearl it is believed that longevity and health are on their side.

Ruby has the ability to create affection, healing and revitalizing energy. Unearth courage to pursue hidden dreams, find self-fulfillment and focus on areas of your life that need improvement with the ruby, one of July’s many birthstones.

Carnelian is another birthstone of July. This gem provides calm grounding energy with its earthy tones of red and orange while bringing warmth and joy. Looking for a boost of creativity and confidence? Look no farther! Carnelian is the answer!

Mystic Topaz, a vivacious stone with a warm fuchsia hue. This stone promotes a cheerful demeanor and happiness. It is connected with stirring emotions of love and passion. Enrich your life with these powerful vibes. jenny present® uses the pink mystic topaz, as a July birthstone, for the wire wrapped gemstone.

Peridot is a stone that aids in moving past hurt and towards understanding. This lime green gem is the birthstone of August.  Nurture introspective qualities of renewal, growth and dignity with Peridot close to your heart. Success is around the corner, wealth is not far from hand, and prosperity is knocking at the door as the energies of this stone are revealed. View the peridot Swarovski crystal here.

Sapphire wards off misfortune, negativity and fear. Uncover an awareness of personal strength and inner courage as you trust in the universe. The midnight blue stone of September also aids in stimulating the imagination and encourages the power of truth.

Moonstone gives protection while traveling at night as well as on water. This birthstone associated with October, is cloudy with a shimmer that exposes new beginnings and spiritual insight. Offering a connection to motherly virtues, Moonstone, balances emotions, acknowledges growth and generates love.

Citrine, the birthstone of November, is a sunny yellow orange. The lively color evokes cheerfulness while warding off depression, thus presenting the wearer with hope and energy. View the citrine Swarovski crystal here

Blue Topaz presents a wintery soft blue tone for December’s birthstone. This stone encourages compassion and clear vision. Find the right words and put trust in your beliefs, it is Blue Topaz that fosters good communication and loyalty. View the blue topaz Swarovski crystal here

Smoky Quartz balances energy, eases stress and relieves fear. Promote a calm disposition while you sanction your harmonizing powers to show! This is a lovely stone that is semi transparent and offers tones of brown and gray.

Pyrite is the stone of choice when you are in desperate need of a positive outlook on life! Keep the negative energy at bay when wearing this gem. Pyrite also aids in concentration and promotes buried talents to come to the surface. This stone is reflective with shimmery gold tones.

Sea Green Chalcedony invites you to open your mind and welcome the thought of new ideas. Rest assured knowing that calmness and composure will lead you through the following day. Sea green chalcedony is a unique color reminiscent of the ocean’s spellbinding clarity.

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