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Good Luck Charms by jenny present®

August 24, 2017 0 Comments

Increase your chances of luck when wearing a good luck charm necklace by jenny present®. We have quite the array of charms that bring good fortune! Choose from a four-leaf clover, a golden elephantshiny wishbone and more. Who knows what you will fall in love with!


Boost your luck when adding one of our lucky little charms to your personalized necklace. The jenny present® charm collection has several charms that inspire favorable odds! Our clover charm is available in two different styles. The circle clover charm features a cut out design of a three-leaf clover. This charm is available in both sterling silver and 24kt gold plate. We also have a four-leaf clover charm. This lucky clover is available in both sterling silver and 24kt gold plate. The four-leaf clover is believed to be a representation of faith, hope, love and luck. Many say you are blessed with good luck when finding a four-leaf clover. Find your lucky clover here!

The wishbone has a long tradition of being seen as a symbol of luck. Once the wishbone has been broken the wish is granted true to the lucky recipient with the longer half. By wearing a wishbone charm you can be ever reminded of your wishes and hold them close to your heart. The jenny present® wishbone charm is available in both sterling silver and 24kt gold plate. This lucky charm is highlighted in a number of necklaces listed below.

Wearing a horseshoe can also be seen as a symbol of good luck. Horseshoes when placed above a door are believed to hold good fortune and bless those who walk beneath them. Add a touch of luck to your personalized charm necklace with the sterling silver horseshoe. An elephant with an upturned trunk is also believed to be symbol of good fortune. Add this 24kt gold plate lucky elephant to you necklace and notice all the wonderful blessing that shower down on you! 

You may possibly have a symbol that is personally lucky to you. If so, be sure to view the complete collection of jenny present® charms here.


The LifeNotes® Collection has a few lucky necklaces worth mentioning! Roll the dice and reveal your luck with the take a risk necklace. This sterling silver bar necklace is engraved with the phrase “take a risk” and has two gold tone dice and three sparkling cubic zirconia. Go ahead chance it all and be grateful you did! Show someone how lucky you are with the lucky me necklace. This one-inch bar necklace is inscribed with the text “lucky me”. Don’t worry your not bragging rather you are proudly proclaiming the many fortunes in your life! This adorable lucky me necklace features a gold tone horseshoe and twinkling cubic zirconia. Everyday can be your lucky day with the make a wish bar necklace. Featuring a gold tone wishbone and dazzling cubic zirconia, this necklace reminds you to wish often. Make your wish and hold it tight!


Look no further! These necklaces are completely promising and abundant in good fortune. Go ahead select one of these adorable charm necklaces to enhance your stroke of luck! These necklaces are available in gold, sterling silver and a two-tone combination


The gold lucky elephant necklace is simply a lovely choice. This necklace features a sleek 14kt gold box chain and an elephant with its trunk upturned to the sky. Another simply stated necklace is the gold believe charm necklace. Believe in the many fortunes that bless your life and more are destined to follow! The gold believe necklace is complete with a brass cable chain, brass Tiny LifeNotes® believe charm and gold-rimmed rose quartz gemstone. This charm necklace makes such a sweet gift!


These sterling silver necklaces highlight tokens of luck! Personalize the sterling silver script initial charms necklace with the initial of your choice and a colorful wire wrapped gemstone. This necklace also bares a sterling silver four-leaf clover. This trio of charms delightfully hangs from a sterling silver saturn chain. The silver blessed charm necklace with a sterling silver Tiny LifeNotes® pendant, silver rimmed rose quartz gemstone and sterling silver wishbone is a lovely compilation. This necklace serves as a little reminder of all your heartfelt wishes.


Get your lucky break with these two-tone silver and gold charm necklaces. Personalize this charm necklace overflowing with good luck charms. The small 14kt gold-filled pendant is hand stamped with an initial or lucky number of your choice. You are recalled to count your lucky stars with the 24kt gold plated star charm. Luck is on your side with the sterling silver horseshoe and rest assured your luck will continue to flow with the sterling silver clover charm. This necklace is by far one of your best combinations to increase your odds of good fortune!

The lucky charm necklace with emerald gemstone is favored by the Irish and it’s easy to see why! The sterling silver rimmed emerald gemstone lies between a 24kt gold plated four-leaf clover and sterling silver horseshoe charm. The gold clover really pops against the emerald gemstone and the sterling silver accents. This lucky combination dangles from a sterling silver ball chain. This necklace makes a wonderful gift for St. Patrick’s Day.

Make your whishes come true with these two-tone wishbone necklaces. The initial charm necklace is a top seller! Choose a sterling silver pendant with gold plated rope edge detail and initial. Select just the right pop of color with a gold wire wrapped gemstone. The sterling silver wishbone blends so nicely with the two-tone pendant and 14kt gold-filled cable chain.

This name pendant necklace with sterling silver wishbone and wrapped gemstone is adorable! Personalize the medium sterling silver pendant with gold rim as well as the x-small sterling silver pendant with silver rim. Customize the gemstone to a color of your choice. These pendants and charms dangle from a sterling silver box chain. To see this necklace without the x-small pendant click here.

The hand stamped initial charm necklace with wishbone features three sterling silver x-small pendants with gold rims, one gold wire wrapped gemstone of your choice and a 24kt gold plated wishbone charm. All these lucky charms hang from a 14kt gold-filled ball chain.

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