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Guide to Layering Your Jewelry

August 23, 2017 0 Comments

As jewelry lovers, we can all relate to how much fun it is to express ourselves through jewelry. It is enjoyable trying on different pieces and admiring the beauty of the details. Sometimes, though, you just can’t decide between a few pieces and they both fit the mood. This is a perfect moment to go for it and layer them up!


Wearing necklaces at different lengths is done to create varying points of interest and to draw multiple focal points. As an example, you may have a special hand stamped pendant and you feel, for it to have all its glory, it must be worn high on a 16” chain. And then you have your good luck charms, which you feel need to be closer to your heart, so you wear them on a 20” chain. With multiple lengths you can proudly display your favorite pieces at any length; the choice is yours. The chains found within the jenny present® collection are available in 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”. Keep in mind variety is key when layering jewelry.


Mixing gold and silver looks great when mixing with charms and pendants; don’t be shy about mixing and matching different chain colors too! Silver pairs excellently with gold. This necklace combines gold and silver among the pendant and charms and when worn with this simple two-tone necklace the gold and silver really compliment one another. This combination really brings out the shine of both silver and gold.

Another simple gold and silver layered look is found when you select the Tiffany necklace by jenny present®. This necklace features two sleek 14kt gold filled box chains, one at 16” and the other at 18”. Hanging from each is a smooth sterling silver medium pendant stamped with an initial of your choice. This necklace makes a lovely gift for a bridal shower or for a new mother. They look fabulous worn together. Simple is sweet and sometimes when the mood strikes layering is not only trendy, but shows more of who you are.

Adding color also works wonderfully when layering. A pop of color can be added at any length, we have many stone options. A large gemstone with a series of charms or pendants worn at the 20” or 24” length does well. And the wrapped gemstones and Swarovski crystals worn higher on the neck at a 16” or 18” length really catch the light. We love this small gold initial necklace paired with this large gemstone necklace with medium gold pendant; this necklace was worn by Jessie James Decker, while taping a makeup tutorial for Cosmopolitan Magazine.


Some of our favorite layered combinations include a LifeNotes® bar necklace worn at the 16” length paired with an 18” or 20” chain and a charm or two or a few hand stamped pendants. By combining the bar necklace with a personalized necklace you create not only layers, but dimension and variety. The horizontal line found in the bar style necklace adds one direction of focus while the “v” created with either a single charm or multiple on a chain adds a touch more. Our bar necklaces pair well with either sterling silver or gold chains. This is a great combo, matching our love LifeNotes® necklace with this Proud Mama® charm necklace.

You can bring texture and dimension to any necklace combination through the selection of pendants and chains you choose. Thick gauged Proud Mama® pendants with either a sterling silver or gold rim look great layered with Original Proud Mama® pendants. This necklace shows a great display of texture as well as the mix of gold and silver. The hammered technique applied to the gold and silver pendants really sets themselves apart while complimenting the gold and silver tones found in this combination of charms and the hand stamped pendant. We really love the way these two necklaces look when paired together.

Our chains bring texture to your necklace as well. You may wish to put a gold beaded saturn chain with a smooth silver pendant, this looks wonderful. Lucky magazine really liked this combination. And then layer this necklace with this charm necklace. These two make a lovely duo when worn as a set. Use your ability to mix and match and allow more of your personality to shine!


As you can see jenny present® offers fashionable choices that really stack up! Layering can be well accomplished through our many bracelet options. Our macramé tassel braceletslook fabulous when you pair two or three of these together. The symbols found in the I Love You collection are stylish with their gold accents, macramé weave and playful tassels. A popular combination consists of pairing the orange Forever Linked bracelet with the all encircling brown Karma bracelet.

Another excellent choice, which incorporates our signature hand stamped characters, is found when selecting a hand stamped Lauren Suede Wrap Monogram bracelet and matching this with a sleek silver beaded tassel bracelet. This combo compliments the smooth silver found in the beaded band and the personalized pendant while bringing a mix of texture found among the wrist. Stacking with many jenny present® bracelets or by incorporating these with your current favorite pieces provides you with a great look and expresses more of your personal style.


The best way to find what you like is to play with a few options. Taking and rearranging your charms and pendants will help. Most importantly, have fun! One of Jenny’s favorite memories is from when she was a little girl and her love of playing in her grandmother’s jewelry box. She loved trying on and mixing and matching the different pieces. Remember the joy you had as a little girl having your chance to play in a special someone’s jewelry collection.

You will find yourself happily mixing and matching! Allow each layer to say something about you. As long as you feel happy and confident with each choice, that is all that matters! Find your own voice of self-expression and bring on the layers! When you find a combo you like snap a photo then play some more. Having a dish for your charms and pendants can be helpful. You can store them safely while you are wearing different combinations.

Here at jenny present® we love seeing just how creative our customers can become. It is from our personal inspiration and our customers creations that we are able to craft these beautiful pieces. We hope you enjoy your chance to layer with your lovely jenny present® necklaces.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board Fall in love with Layers!! for more creative ideas for layering and stacking. The layered looks mentioned in this blog can be found here on this board, as well.

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