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How to Care for and Clean your jenny present® Jewelry

August 20, 2017 0 Comments

Caring for and cleaning your jenny present® jewelry long term is easy! Just follow these simple guidelines to keep your lovely jewelry sparkling on through life’s many moments.

Here at jenny present® many metals are used to make the jewelry you love. Our materials range from gold to copper and include sterling silver, gold-plated, gold-filled, brass and silver-plated. Knowing what elements make up your necklace ensures for easy care and long lasting luster.

First and foremost are our jewelry care instructions. Each piece of jenny present® jewelry comes with a detailed card noting how to preserve your jewelry. This card simply states the following, “Please take special care when wearing and storing your delicate piece. Make sure to store jewelry in an air tight bag away from sunlight to help keep metal's luster. Polish with a soft jewelry cloth when luster begins to fade. Regarding gold-plated jewelry specifically, make sure to choose a non-abrasive cleaning solution or polishing cloth that is safe for use on gold. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions and hairspray. Do not wear your jewelry while showering, swimming, exercising, sleeping or cleaning. Please, follow these steps to ensure your jewelry lasts for years to come.” .


We offer two wonderful cleaning products that are tailored specifically to jenny present® jewelry. Each product helps in maintaining our jewelry’s appearance and each has its own benefits. The mini polishing cloth and the large polishing cloth work excellently on sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled pendants, chains and charms. Though, keep in mind, the polishing cloth should not be used on gold-plated or sterling silver-plated items for the finish will rub off! With this in mind we offer the SunRay™ liquid jewelry cleaner. This solution works wonderfully on all of our jewelry including sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled, gold-plated, sterling silver-plated, copper and brass items. You can’t go wrong with the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. It is simple to use and comes with easy to follow instructions. Just simply place items in the tray provided, lower down into the solution and let the magic begin! You can leave the items in the cleaner for up to ten minutes. Then hold the pieces under running water. You can either pat dry with a towel or place them back into the cleaning solution for another time around. The Sunray™ liquid cleaner comes with a tiny brush making it easy to remove any built up debris. A cotton swab also works well. You may want to purchase the polishing cloth to use for the finishing touches on your sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled items.


Since each piece of jewelry is comprised of different materials see the below listings to find out how to clean specific types of pendants, chains, charms and earrings. And see which cleaning method works best. Here is a detailed outline of how to care for the jenny present® jewelry collection.


jenny present® pendants are unique. Each are hand stamped, personalized and have significant meaning to the women who wear them. With this in mind caring for these special pendants bears much significance. Our pendants are made of sterling silver, copper, 14kt gold-fill and sterling silver with a 14kt gold rim and bail.


How to clean our small sterling silvermedium sterling silverlarge sterling silversterling silver heart with diamond and dog bone pendants. We recommend using either the small or large polishing cloth. Our Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner does an excellent job on these pendants as well. To polish the sterling silver round with rim and sterling silver rectangle with rim pendants we recommend the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. This will ensure that you don’t polish off the oxidized (black) shadow that appears on these two pendants. As for the x-smallsmallmedium and large sterling silver pendants with sterling silver rim we suggest using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner.


Our hand stamped copper disc naturally tarnishes with time. Some fall in love with the deep copper color. This pendant doesn’t necessarily need to be polished. Though if you would like a little more luster we advise using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. If a polishing cloth is used the oxidization that appears on the heart, name, initials or date may come off.


The smallmedium and large gold pendants can be excellently cleaned with either the polishing cloth or the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner.


To best polish the x-smallsmallmedium and large sterling silver pendants with 14kt gold rim and bail we highly suggest using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. This liquid cleaner works wonders on the tarnish that may occur over time. We also welcome these pendants to be sent back to our studio for professional polishing as well. If you are interested in this service please contact customerservice@jennypresent.com


The line of jenny present® jewelry has many styles and lengths of chains. Our chains consist of one of three types of metal sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled or brass.


Our sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled chains are available in 16”, 18”, 20” and some at 24”. The styles are cable, saturn, ball and box. You can use either the polishing cloth or the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. To achieve a really nice polish we suggest starting with the polishing cloth. Then submerging the chain in the Sunray™ liquid cleaner for up to ten minutes and running it then under water. Pat it dry and finally end by using the polishing cloth once again. 


The brass chains are available in 16”, 18” and 20” and come in the cable style. These chains are best cleaned using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner.


The sterling silver LifeNotes® necklaces polish nicely when the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner is used. We strongly recommend this method over the polishing cloth because the oxidized (blackened) phrases may polish off with the cloth. This liquid cleaner also does a wonderful job at making the zircons shine.


The jenny present® collection of charms come in various metals. These metals include sterling silver, silver-plated, brass, 24kt gold-plated and18kt gold-plated. It is important to know which items are gold plated or silver-plated. If they are polished incorrectly the gold or silver plate is likely to be removed. Our Tiny LifeNotes®, gemstones, silver and gold charms all have specific polishing requirements.


Our sterling silver charms are able to be polished using both the polishing cloth and the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner.

Our collection of sterling silver Tiny LifeNotes® are best kept shiny with the use of the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. A polishing cloth is discouraged because the oxidization is likely to be polished off. In regards to both our sterling silver wire wrapped gemstones and our large gemstones with a sterling silver rim we recommend using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner too. Over time the wire wrapped gemstones begin to tarnish and for the best possible polish this liquid cleaner really works wonders! The large gemstones with the sterling silver rim can be polished with the polishing cloth, but the stone will have more sparkle if the liquid cleaner is used.


We have a few charms in the jenny present® charm collection that are silver-plated. These charms are best polished using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. If a polishing cloth is used, the silver plating is likely to be removed. 


Our Tiny LifeNotes® Collection features our only brass charms. These inspirational charms are golden in tone and petite in size. These charms feature a nano coating to help preserve the pendant from the potential of tarnish. If you wish to polish these charms we suggest using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner.


The gold wire wrapped gemstones feature a hand wrapped bail, which is 14kt gold-filled. To polish both the stone and the gold we highly suggest using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. Once the stone is removed from the liquid, run under water and repeat if necessary. This liquid cleaner really makes the stones sparkle too!


The majority of our charms are 24kt gold-plated. These charms rarely tarnish, but if polishing is needed please use the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. If a polishing cloth is used the finish will likely come off.


Our collection of beautifully crafted earrings are made of sterling silver, brass, vermeil, 18kt gold-plate, gold-fill and a mix of gold-plate and sterling silver.


To polish our sterling silver earrings we suggest using either the polishing cloth or the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. 


Polishing our brass earrings require little effort. Since these earrings have a nano coating finish polishing is not really required. Though if you wish to polish the following earrings we suggest using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner to preserve the nano coating finish. 


The gold vermeil is best polished with the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. The polishing cloth may remove the gold finish if used. 


For the safest polish of our sterling silver earrings with 18kt gold-plated accents we highly suggest using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. The gold is likely to be removed if a polishing cloth is used. Also this liquid cleaner helps maintain the shimmer of the zircon. 


Polishing these earrings is easily done by using the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. This product also works well to keep the stones super sparkly!


To polish the sterling silver and brass macramé bracelets we suggest using the polishing cloth. As for the Lauren Suede Wrap Bracelet and the Lauren Petite Suede Wrap Bracelet we advise carefully using the polishing cloth. You can polish the sterling silver pendant with the cloth, but be careful not to rub the cloth on the suede. The cloth may discolor the suede. And lastly, for our LifeNotes® cuff bracelets, we advise polishing with these gold-plated and sterling silver-plated bracelets with the Sunray™ liquid jewelry cleaner. Since these bracelets are plated the finish will be removed if polished with our polishing cloth.


Still not exactly sure which items make up your jenny present® jewelry? That’s okay! We are always more than happy to help you out. Just write us at customerservice@jennypresent.com or give us a call!  Feel free to send us an email including a picture of your jewelry and we can advise accordingly. We can also locate your order and see how to best assist you. Please contact customer service for a mail-in polish as some conditions may apply.

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