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Motivational and Inspirational Bracelet, Sentiment Cuffs, LifeNotes®

August 24, 2017 0 Comments

The jenny present® LifeNotes® collection is now featuring uplifting and inspiring words to live by on both silver and gold sentiment cuff bracelets. These motivational cuff bracelets are engraved with a cursive script and oxidized (darkened) to provide a nice contrast on the shiny metal. These words really pop!

Some days life just needs a little pick-me-up. For days like these wear a jenny present® motivational LifeNotes® bracelet. And be reminded of how powerful the mind truly is. These bracelets help you to harness a good outlook on life by shifting your thoughts to finding the all positive that surrounds you.


The gold and silver Do Something Every Day That Makes You Happy bracelet is a reminder to take time to yourself. So often we become caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget about “me time”. Everyone benefits from their own happiness and the best way to stay happy is to carve out that moment for you. Every day do something that is special to you and a treat for you, it can be as simple as painting your nails, reading a book or sipping a cup of tea. It’s these little me moments that give us the power to fully embrace each day!


It may not be the easiest thing to realize at first, but looking back you can begin to understand how everything happens for a reason. Every moment adds up and figures into the bigger picture. During the times of uncertainty take a quiet moment and reflect on how far you have come and how much further you will go. The silver and gold Everything Happens For A Reason bracelet gives you the courage to take the next step and confidence in knowing it all will workout.


These two simple words exude positivity sum it up; they are simple yet powerful. Focus your mind on relinquishing thoughts that are of worry, distraction and any that don’t make you feel good. In their place focus on positivity a positivity so strong that is sensed by those around you. Hold positive thoughts at your center and more favorable things will come! Wear the gold or silver Exude Positivity bracelet as a symbol of encouragement.


The mind is very powerful, we have the ability to create many great things. Use your mind wisely and foster positive thinking, this will help you bring about the life you want to truly live. Remember to put your mind over the matter, look beyond and focus on what will bring you the most good. The Mind Over Matter motivational bracelet, in both silver and gold, provides you with the strength to create a positive outlook on even the bleakest times and the darkest days.


The gold and silver motivational Happiness Is A State Of Mind bracelet is a reminder that happiness comes from within. There is no need to go in search of happiness, it can’t be bought, it must be discovered. Happiness lies deep within you and once it is discovered, like a magnet, it draws more joy to you. Act out of happiness and you will reap happiness.


You are the artist of your life and the life you live is your masterpiece. With every thought, you are creating, bringing everything to you. Focus your energy on having positive thoughts and you will see your environment and those around you full of joy and contentment. The silver and gold Your Thoughts Create Your Reality motivational bracelet calls to mind the importance of every thought we focus on.

Find just the right words that speak to your heart and find peace in knowing that your mind is creating a positive place in which to live. Give these motivational bracelets from our LifeNotes® collection as gifts to the loved ones in your life to inspire a happy state of being.

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