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About jenny present®

jenny present® is a personalized jewelry business based in St. Louis, Missouri. The force behind the company—in both name and spirit—is jewelry designer Jenny Present. Her life took a difficult turn years ago, but through perseverance and creativity she overcame the challenge and started the company in 2008. jenny present® has become well known for elegant jewelry with a unique style and a brand built on empowering women to overcome all odds.

JP Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry designed and produced by jenny present® is carefully crafted with quality materials. It's clear a perfectionist (with impeccable style) is behind the work. Jenny present® has created products that not only exude effortless class, but also serve as daily inspiration to the women wearing them. Designs range from the simple to the sophisticated, with a distinctive vintage-meets-modern look imbued in every piece.

jenny present® is known for signature hand stamped pendants. This is still something we do exclusively in our St. Louis-based studio. Through the years we've perfected our technique, aligning the characters by eye and stamping with a copper hammer and a steel stamp. It's a gradual process that makes each pendant uniquely different from any other.

Some jenny present® jewelry is produced in Jaipur, India as well as Bali, Indonesia, where our talented manufacturers have extensive production capabilities. The materials we most frequently utilize include sterling silver, 14kt gold, semi precious stones, heavy 18kt gold plate, and brass.

JP Customers

The jp customer is one of jenny present's® greatest assets: Return business makes up a significant percentage of profits. Though they range from "a-list" celebs to hardworking moms, our customers have so many things in common. There is grace, style, strength, and most of all, an emotional connection to the jewelry we create. Customers turn to us again and again to find the perfect gift and to commemorate their most important life events.

JP Style, LLC

With loyal customers, a growing number of retailers, and a strong online e-commerce presence, jenny continues to bring more and more beautiful, unique jewelry to women worldwide.

About Jenny

As a confident single mother and owner of her own jewelry line, Jenny Present is making it her mission to show women that no obstacle is too large to overcome. With the proper mindset and support, any goal can be reached.

"My passion for jewelry dates back a couple decades. As a young girl, I routinely scoured my grandmother's extensive jewelry collection. I would stand in front of the mirror trying on every piece of jewelry I could get my little hands around.

Through that passion, my entrepreneurial spirit, and an inspiring support system I was able to form my company."

Jenny has made a life for herself inspired by her strong support system and her beautiful son. The St. Louis native has created a line for every woman, with pieces that not only exude simplistic class, but also serve as daily inspirations to those wearing them.

"My collections are meant to inspire and empower the women that wear them. I truly love what I do and hope that translates through the designs I create."Jenny Present and Son

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